アバルトのホイール・サスペンション・ブレーキ・カーボンパーツetc 開発・販売

Produced by DUKES

Matte accents at the bottom of the front body.

Matte accents at the bottom of the front body.

How about a high quality mat from made in Japan for your Abarth front body?

The matte carbon front splitter will be installed at the bottom of the body to release further presence and bring it together in a cute shape.

Abarth is sometimes called the Baby Gang or the Giant King.
But it looks cute. Then why not make it look even cuter?

This product has advantages not only in appearance but also in function.

The wing shape of this product creates downforce by changing the airflow between the upper and lower surfaces.
The center portion has a slit shape to rectify the airflow on the underside.
These effects generate front downforce, making it a functional part that contributes to front grip.

A close-up view reveals the finely woven carbon.
Then, a matte finish is applied.
This is the technological strength of THREEHUNDRED.

The underside of the product looks like this.

Matte carbon front splitter that combines functionality and looks. Now in stock!

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