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Produced by DUKES

Oozing ABARTH love

Oozing ABARTH love

Would you like to make the rear of ABARTH more impressive with THREEHUNDRED products?

When designing the product, we wanted to subtly emphasize the presence of beautiful twill carbon.

The carbon diffuser is a replacement type that requires removing the original diffuser and installing a new one. The design is different from the genuine one, and the size is larger, making it a carbon diffuser with a strong presence.

Just beautiful.
A sense of power.

We are often told by our customers that this is the product they have been looking for!

It prevents the resin layer from deteriorating due to long-term use and ensures light resistance.


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Carbon Diffuser 

Matte Carbon Diffuser

Carbon Diffuser 595 series 4 or later

Matte Carbon Diffuser 595 series 4 or later

Carbon Diffuser with fins

Matte Carbon Diffuser with fins

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